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Overview of our 58th Annual Grammy Awards

58th Annual Grammy Awards Live on CBS
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58th Grammy Red Carpet Artists

Christina Custode, Mandy (IPR), Alek Sandar, Tehrah, Coleprit
0-10 300 #000000

Grammy Night with Christina Custode

Ready to kick off the biggest night in music.
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Now a word from our sponsors...

Mandy Albritton (Imagine Peace Records) and Leo Rodgers (Bungalo - Universal Music Group)
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Christina Custode - Red Carpet

58th Grammys
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Rise Above The Noise.

Music isn't a game show.
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Overview of our 49th Annual CMA Awards

49th Annual CMA Awards Live on ABC in November
6008 300 #000000

Proud to kick off 2016 at the CMA's

Learn more about our Country artists like Honeyjack we are taking to the CMA's this year.
600270 300 #000000

Mark Summerlin, Kevin, Tehrah, and Dave 49th CMA's

Mark Summerlin of Honeyjack, Tehrah and the K Squared gang.
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Live Music Rocks!

Make some noise!
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Overview of our 57th Annual Grammy Awards

57th Annual Grammy Awards
08 300 #000000

Tehrah, Tom Hopkins and Steven Deeds 57th Grammys

Our Artists at the Grammy Pre show
08 300 #000000

Grammy Concert with Tehrah and Tom Hopkins

56th Annual Grammy Nomination Concert
0264 300 #000000

Grammy nominees Tehrah and Tom Hopkins with Kevin - Red Carpet

22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards
600264 300 #000000

Take Your Music Seriously.

Sir Paul McCartney from our SkyBox at Gila River Arena
08 300 #000000

The Soul and Science of Music

Ready to believe in YOUR music?
30220 300 #000000

Just Another Day at the Office

Some days, I just wanna cut the blue wire.
600280 300 #000000

Art, Science...Inspiration

Ready to Listen.
08 300 #000000

Capture the Magic

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K Squared Music is a premier Artist Development/Music Management Corporation. We have recording, development, and production locations in L.A., Arizona, Illinois, and New York and we work with some of the most talented artists in music today. We work with major acts as well as up and coming artists who have shown through hard work, tremendous education and training, and live performance experience that they have what it takes to deliver amazing music and extraordinary performances.

As a professional artist development company, we are in the business of actively developing our artists so that they have all of the tools they need to deliver the very best music and performances. From music production through ongoing musical, voice, and stage performance training, we guide our artists through the process of developing their sound, image, and presentation. This requires tremendous work from us as well as the artists, but it's work we love to do.

If you're ready to shape your sound, sharpen your business, take your music serious and "Rise Above the Noise"....we are ready to listen.

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