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Dave Lawrence

Producer/Artist Development

Dave brings a unique blend of classical music education, and real world application experience to the K Squared Team.  This multi-talented musician and producer has worked in multiple roles in the music industry for over thirty years.  His real world experience and professional training gives him expertise in helping artists secure better gigs, gain exposure, develop a following, garner industry recognition, and put them on the right track to reach the highest potential they are willing and able to reach with their music.


Dave Lawrence is an American musical artist and has been called a “back-to-soul” singer/songwriter. His roots are in Country, Folk, Classical and Classic Rock. His songwriting and performances are Pop/Rock compositions with Folk/Country dynamics, and have been compared to the stylings of James Taylor and the Eagles.

Dave was born into a blue collar family on June 15th, 1965. Growing up in a working class neighborhood and more comfortable in denim, Dave is the result of a family history in music. When he was young, many of his relatives played Bluegrass and Country music. So, music was always an integral part of his life. Dave began playing classical violin at age 7, guitar at age 9, and percussion at age 13 and by the time he was in his mid teens he was performing venues around the midwest. However, his greatest enjoyment always came from writing and performing songs that touch on universal truths.

His guitar playing has been called acoustic honesty and his distinctive picking style is a combination of Classical and Bluegrass that is uniquely enjoyable. His musical approach is a result of growing up during an era of more sensitive songwriting, when songwriters were storytellers, and artists like Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, and Gordon Lightfoot presented a more introspective approach to music.

This multi-talented musician and producer in his own right, weaves great storytelling into his music.

Dave's Songs are available on Amazon HERE.

Visit Dave's website.



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