March 17, 2014 in Kevin's Projects

Fat Tree Grammy Showcase

Fat Tree is a rock-n-roll wrecking ball of positivism, high energy, and class. They have ground out the past 5+ years playing their music to audiences all throughout the Southwest. Through these efforts, they have honed their already stunning musical skills to a point of astounding clarity and pure, heartfelt connection. With deep roots stemming from their childhood in New Mexico, these three brothers and their best friend have truly hit a stride of musical synergy that is second to none. In a diverse landscape of music, Fat Tree's mission is to bring a positivity and showmanship that just plain rocks. This is made evident in the whirlwind of live energy that they bring to every single stage on which they perform. Their feel-good blend of rock, funk, jazz, reggae, and pop appeals to people in every age group, and to those with extremely varied musical interests. One cannot simply leave a Fat Tree performance without feeling energized and knowing that they have witnessed something truly unique from the hearts of very talented musicians.

Fat Tree Live at the Avalon Theater Hollywood, California


Fat Tree Music Selection



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