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Honeyjack Showcase

Veteran songwriter Mark Summerlin (BE, Seal, David Foster) having teamed up with virtuoso guitarist T.J. Scarlett (Rut-Bustin' Guitar, RiverBilly) to form the Arkansas-based country/rock band, Honeyjack.

What more...listen. Seasoned, fresh, professional and geared up with a powerful rock angle on their own guitar-heavy throwback-style, combining elements of 70's southern rock and 80's rock radio hits pulled willingly into the sound of 2016.

Quick introductions....

Stage Mark1showMark Summerlin grew up in the bayou-town Houma, Louisiana, but moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas to join progressive rock band, BE with his brothers and TJ stageShowa childhood friend. BE toured nationally, had songs appear on TV shows, and helped define the buzzing live-music scene in Fayetteville, Arkansas in the 90's.
After a brief stint as a solo singer-songwriter, (during which he opened for guitar legend Eric Johnson), Mark eventually would go on to be the guitarist and music director?for Grammy-winning singer Seal. After 5 world tours, dozens of television performances, and co-writing with both Seal and mega-producer David Foster, Mark began writing for what was originally slotted as a solo project. That quickly changed when he brought in guitar-phenom, T.J. Scarlett.


HoneyJack is...

Graffitti Duo Fade920

T.J. Scarlett - Mark Summerlin

Listen to Honeyjack.


Honeyjack Music Selection






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