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Jim Plummer


Recognition in today's entertainment?climate can be difficult and competitive. Creating an iconic foundation of personality and distinction is a marker of quality used by major corporations from film promotions to business advertising that sets them apart.

Much visual work that is attributed to commercial advertising draws the target audience to this recognition. From the Clydesdale Horses for Budweiser to the Apple logo for Apple, we can agree that the importance of branding is key in any business.

Likewise the importance of a distinctive sound, a vocal representative of your brand can be as powerful. Whether it's the commanding voice of CNN or the strength of character and assurance in an Allstate commercial, this instant recognition creates confidence and excitement.

K-Squared Music and Kevin Stratton are proud to introduce our first premiere vocal artist, Jim Plummer. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Jim now heralds from the beautiful Phoenix Valley of Arizona in the City of Scottsdale. His wide scope of vocal abilities range from commanding catch phases to memorable characterizations. Whether setting the mood of distinction for an enterprise or lending a playful voice to animated characters, Jim rises above to leave a long standing impression.


Please enjoy a section of Jim's presentations and look here for more of his work.

Voice Artist -?Jim Plummer



Voice over work for TV Show Trailer "The Next Dragon"

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