March 17, 2014 in Kevin's Projects

Tehrah feat. Tom Hopkins Grammy Showcase

I believe we are the closest to God when we're in service to all living beings using our unique gifts. When I sing with my heart, others identify and are moved in profound ways. Knowing that my voice can play but a small part in the healing of just "one" soul gives me a feeling that's beyond words. It is with the gentle, loving guidance of the Holy Spirit that a prophetic, powerful message and my purpose to serve humanity comes through.

It terrifies me to no end to expose the most vulnerable aspects of myself when I speak, but when I sing, I light up. And those who come within earshot of me doing "my thing" light up too--It is this that I live for -- to feel the vibration, the air, the spirit and the force that comes through me as I sing my heart out. Giving everything I have to those I sing to is the closest thing to flying, and I am free...Now, you know ME.

It's my deepest prayer that my music will touch you in some profound way and help you find the courage to release the past, and step through the veil into unknown territory... it is here, you will discover and become all that God has for your life. - TEHRAH

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Consideration as a nominee - 56th Annual Grammy Awards

Best Contemporary Christian Music Song (Tehrah & Tom Hopkins for "In God's Time")

Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance (Tehrah for "In God's Time")

Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocals (Tom Hopkins for "In God's Time")

22nd Annual LA Music Awards

Winner of Christian Contemporary Artist of the Year (Tehrah for "My Prodigal Son")

Tehrah Music Selection





L.A. Music Awards Mini-Documentary

Tehrah feat. Tom Hopkins Live - Avalon Theater Hollywood, California

Tehrah with Kevin Stratton Live - Mega Life Church, Scottsdale, Arizona

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