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Kevin's Projects


A World of Music...Music for the World. It is a privilege to introduce this amazing songwriting talent as a part of our team.  
April 1, 2016in Kevin's Projects

This Is All Now Grammy Showcase 2016

K Squared is proud to welcome this earth shattering group to our family of outstanding artists. This Is All Now is a smoking hot group from Long Island, New York and they are way ahead of the game. They bring great songwriting, awesome musicianship, and phenomenal stage presence to their high energy performances. We are happy to add them to our ever growing line-up and we are excited about the opportunities opening up for these guys this year. Give them a listen and you will become a fan.



Following the releases of Supernova EP, Live It Up EP, and their debut full length Nightmare, This Is All Now has just released their fourth studio record, Homecoming.

The new album Homecoming was produced by ZK Productions, who have also produced and co-written records for the likes of Mayday Parade, All Time Low, and Cartel. The album’s lead single ’24 Hour Nights’ features Jason Lancaster and is what FuseTV says is a “Song of the Summer contender!”

The band have had wonderful response and great success sharing the stage with acts including Fifth Harmony, Avril Lavigne, The All American Rejects, Against The Current, and Set It Off.

With their fresh sound and insanely energetic live set, a bright future is ahead for these guys.

This Is All Now LIVE

Best Night of My Life

24 Hour Nights (Featuring Jason Lancaster)

April 1, 2016in Kevin's Projects

Christina Custode Grammy Showcase 2016

Christina is described as "....angelic, sultry, and full of passion...beautiful, full of images, that separates her...A timeless quality will endure through the saturated industry of fabricated singer songwriters....A breath of fresh air!" Welcome Christina to our family!  
August 28, 2015in Kevin's Projects

Kevin Stratton

Here you will find a sample of Kevin's latest work, including sound design, album music, guest artist appearances, photo albums and more.  

Alek Sandar

Alek Sandar brings us fresh unique sound of contemporary Pop and EDM music...Our amazing euro addition to our Universal family. Alek Sandar - singer producer / songwriter is teaming up with K2-Music to take his his amazing music to a larger domestic audience. Welcome to the family!  

Fat Tree 2014 Album EP Release

Fat Tree 2014 Album EP Release  
March 18, 2014in Kevin's Projects

Michael Raven Grammy Showcase

Michael Raven's origin from a small town in Ohio helped fuse his sincerity with creativity that later inspired his unique lyrics and Power Pop/Rock sound. Combining infectious melodies with hooks and harmonies, Raven has grabbed the attention of industry greats such as multi-platinum producer Felton Pilate honing his writing and vocal abilities.  
March 17, 2014in Kevin's Projects

Tehrah feat. Tom Hopkins Grammy Showcase

It's my deepest prayer that my music will touch you in some profound way and help you find the courage to release the past, and step through the veil into unknown territory... it is here, you will discover and become all that God has for your life. - TEHRAH  
March 17, 2014in Kevin's Projects

Fat Tree Grammy Showcase

Fat Tree is a rock-n-roll wrecking ball of positivism, high energy, and class. They have ground out the past 5+ years playing their music to audiences all throughout the Southwest.  

Fat Tree - Fat Fridays

Fat Tree - Fat Fridays  

22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards - Music Group of the Year

22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards - Music Group of the Year